Sigma Pi Phi

Founded in 1904 in Philadelphia, PA, by Henry McKee Minton and a small group of his colleagues, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity is the oldest African-American Greek-lettered organization. Minton established Sigma Pi Phi to help provide professional and social support to Philadelphia’s growing number of black professionals. Today, the Atlanta-based fraternity continues to offer such support across its members and to mentor young men in the African American community.

Sigma Pi Phi’s distinguished fraternal membership includes Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin E. Mays, Ulysses Kay, Arthur Ashe, and W.E.B. DuBois, whose name graces one of the Sigma Pi Phi Foundation’s legacy awards. The fraternity currently has nearly 5,000 active members affiliated with 134 member boulés across the United States and in Nassau, Bahamas, and London, UK.

Visit the Sigma Pi Phi website for more information about the fraternity’s history and mission.